Sunday, October 9, 2016

My second pregnancy.. good luck for me..

Assalamualaikum semua,

just a quick update to reader,
blog bersarang labah tak hengat...
today im already 13 weeks of my pregnancy,
next week i can say bye-bye to my first trimester,

the journey is very the same with the first pregnancy,
but still i think i have forgotten everything yang nausea and vomitting,
this second experience help me to remember the first i went through,
to  have the second caliph, i tell you its not easy but we'd will love the end result of course..

i will welcome her/him with my big arm,
i pray to Allah some ease, and hope Allah will blessed the journey...

Sesi: mengumpat!
we always feel people might understand our pregnancy condition,
but the truth is not everyone is,
dont let them know your are weak,
including our boss,
your are here in the office , doing your work as usual,
let them amaze how strong youre...
good luck to me,
series of me being super strong women... hahhahhahhahah...

thanks to kurma+kismis+asam + entertainment from jango owh my fav song

Monday, April 25, 2016

life cant beat me down..

hello there people, hows yall doing??
ok x?
x ok, sama larr...

been so long not updating my blog.. i do miss you..
this is the platform that i will write and telling things about other people yang x gain dosa...
i dont mention names...

my baby is doing  good with all those 'perangai' and 'kerenah',
im not jobless and can shopping till i drop,
i had a husband which so annoying   still with me no matter what,
life is ok.... hahahahaha ok jer...

but deep down inside me i am really feeling ,
can we pause a bit,
time run so fast,
i cant catch anything,
i cant completely barely do everything,
im not perfect,
and it makes me feels very bad ...
but my husband keep telling me ...
ayang buat je la yang termampu....

my husband, 
my fighting friend,
i feel want to punch him in the face,
but after all his all i have..hahaha...

i do want to cry sometimes with no reason...
i want to dream big,
i want to leave my comfort zone,
i want to step ahead,
i want to be better than anyone else,
i want to learn more,
i want to be better than yesterday...
my progressing speed is like ... tet tet...tet...tet....

again im not perfect !!!
let me be the way i am je larr....
if anyone demand me more, i wish i can shoot them in the face..
or tell him/her bad words ,
evil laughhh....

we work harder and always try our best..the best i can like my baby nak he can walk already.... dahhh

velanja gambo bertuah mak , ok...

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