Wednesday, April 10, 2013

random ~~ dont buy that machine gun..

Greeting people of Oz Malaysia!

here are the news update for today of me, queen hasny..

As usual i came to the office,
drop my bag , sit at my chair,
take out my laptop from the drawer,
open my laptop, go to pantry and fill up my tumblr ,
give 'nikah' letter to my bos, explain to her why i take 'el' yesterday,
tell her that my lil brother nikah express,
his mil who is ketua puteri umno,
want the wedding to postponed to another date because of pilihanraya this coming may 5,
hahhahah, hehehe, huhuhhu...
so my 'al' now is only 8.5 day..
so now i need to get more toil,
owh, how i want more pay so bad..

kah, kah, kah...

so i guess no more long vacation for this year,
after krabi,
and this make me sad more,
and i dunno if i can go to bandung as well,
ok, let us see if i got some 'rezeki',
and ill be happy again..

while i was dreaming and thinking about my leave ,
this two guy in front of me are chatting about something,
mr kw and mr mj,
i wonder how chineese can speak very good,
why not me,
so, i peek and listen to what they said,
hey, you should buy tis machine gun,
its very powerful,
you know i die yesterday, then i.....,
really arr, hey you should try to buy some weapon...
bla, bla, bla...

ok, so if you hear someone say about machine gun kan.. kan..
dont be afraid,
even its a guy,
or a lil kindergarten boy,
well, its their, i dunno what so called 'game' they play,
and it safe!
so, i dunno what to say..
let them happy with their own machine gun fantasy world..

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