Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nenas and my EL ..

At this time, I'm rewarding myself with Pineapple juice.. no words can describe the taste. Taking EL just because my house key is in my car.. icant go out of my house, im trap in my own house.

Seriously, I have tonne of job waiting for me..a real complex and hard job which is HR payroll. Basically its all about bonus calculation and thats why i hate it..not because of math , its the math logic that i need to dealing with..

Enough story of my so-called-hard-job that I am doing, I called my husband as soon as i realize i don't have the keys with me and believe me my husband suggest to me to take EL for today. I just agree with that and here I am watching TV and surfing about. 

Guess what 2-3 hours seems fine but after that about 11.30 in the morning I am getting bored plus hungry. I havent got any motivation to cook if im alone in the house so i end up chipping on 'kerepek bawang' that i bought from my friend. 

I am getting bored even more, and decide to take a nap at 1.30 in the evening. i was looking out the window and viewing the trees and sky and fall asleep. I was awake when i hear email beep coming from my phone and checking on clock and it was 2.15.

I got up and perform zohor prayer and got an idea to make Pineapple juice..seriously i love it an it really make my day.. I am going to finish the whole pineapple for myself. Yes, i wont left anything to him..haha :) thats all im going to say.. if my body reject the pineapple i dont care, because i only know this thing was so damn delicious..

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