Thursday, May 22, 2014

the update.. just be happy.


I , always dream to be a housewife,
where i dont have to wake up early,
think what to wear?
about the massive jem,
find the parking,
 climb the stairs,
think about how much work load you will be given,
meet bunch of annoying people..
and its just my world,
which im about to hate...

But i know the other side,
the world that i always dream on..
its not really beautiful..
because, im not there and i dun feel the mess...
clean the house,
do the laundry,
clean bathroom,
sooner or later i will get bored too,
like today, i ponteng keje by taking sick leave ...
the whole day tak best bored..
astro..noh, nothing to watch..
sleep .. i cannot fall asleep..
internet.. nothing to surf , to see..

At the end, i always look at the watch,
and cant wait my hubs to come home..

People always cant get enough of what they have,
the truth is my world is better in the office then to be a housewife,
cause i cannot sit alone,
i need to socialize..

i blame my work,
tempoyak that my Mother in Law use to cook(its really lovely and tasty) ,
the delicious coffee i cant get enough,
my laptop beg that so heavy,
the stair that i need to climb(my apartment is at lvl 4),
the jem, everything,
i am not pregnant because i am so exhausted,
but then i realized semua tu takdir,
so i have to accept,
Allah knows better,
that i am not ready yet..
both my husband and i,
to raise our own,

The time that Allah given us,
to know and loving each other,
to enjoy every moment,
is so precious,
and i just can say,
i am bless and thank you Allah,
my life is actually so easy in a way,
i dont want to complain..

Last month,
i didnt do anything,
after IUI failed in march,
i got bfn in april,
my mother scolded me to forget the IUI and all,
i dont know she say its hurting me and  the side effect that may cause,
so, i follow what her said,
and just enjoy myself and act normal,

my SIL,
have given birth to a beautiful baby gal,
and she just so adorable,
i am happy for her..
i dont know maybe its ok to be jealous,
but right now, i dont know jealous is gone and im taking the bright side,
just be HAPPY..

 itu je nak cakap,
terima kasih sudi baca,
grammar pun tunggang langgang..hehe


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